Édouard's Garden


 Dry/Wet condition


 A  B  C


   This Soil is one of pumice and produced from Hyuga, Kyushu region, Japan. Rather light weight and resonable price to purchase in Japan.
This also is another Huga.

 25  25

 Granite Sand

   I bring this granite sand from river in my rigion. So I use this sand, this is free element for my Soil mix.  25  -  25

* 'PQ' means Proper Quantities
* 'SQ' means Small Quantities
* Each figure shows the measurement ratio (%)
* Right part in each photos shows wet condition and left part is dry condition
* Column-A is my basically soil mix for common cactus
* Column-B is for Astrophytum and Ariocarpus
* Column-C is for some difficult cactus which hate organic matters

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