James' Best Anime Websites
Website Name Website Link My Opinion
Crunchy Roll www.crunchyroll.com It's pretty cool. lots to watch but a alot of it is dubs which is crap.
THIS WEBSITE!!! jfrancisayres.com Sorry, I had to hahahaaha
MangaStream mangastream.com Has all of the new manga releases but none of the old stuff.
MangaPanda mangapanda.com Has all of the old stuff but is probably malware a lot.

Anime I like

Anime Name My Opinion Cool Image
One Piece One Piece has been going on for a very long time, but it is still really funny and I really like the story. My favorite is probably Usopp because he is so crazy.
Hunter x Hunter This one is really cool and was done by the person who did Yu Yu Hakusho. He doesn't do it much lately which is really annoying but it's still really good!!!
Berserk Okay, this one is really really long and has been going on forever but it's still really good. It's also pretty messed up at times which makes it definitely not for everyone.

(I will add more later but I am busy and don't have enough internet time right now to add more.)